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Friday 22 June 2012


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Wednesday 6 June 2012

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Monday 4 June 2012

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Sunday 3 June 2012


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Saturday 2 June 2012

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Friday 1 June 2012

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Friday 1 June 2012

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Jan 17, 2011 ... All medications can result in side effects, but many patients have minor ... swelling; unusual bone pain; drowsiness or dizziness; blurred vision; ... Avandia has been linked to numerous serious side effects including: Dizziness; Chest pains; Difficulty breathing; Shortness of breath; Changes in vision ... Dec 30, 2011 ... While this step has been taken, many patients who took Avandia to treat ... can include headaches, muscle pain, sore throat and changes in vision. ... The well- documented side effects linked to both Actos and Avandia have ... If you or a loved one have suffered serious side effects as a result of taking Avandia, click here to get help. Avandia, also known as rosiglitazone, ... In June 2011 it was discovered that a possible Actos side effect could be ... If you are taking Actos and experience pain when urinating, blood in the urine or ... the same heart risks as Avandia, other side effects of Actos were known, including side effects which can harm the heart. ... Macular edema causing vision problems ... Any combination of the following symptoms can indicate that patients are developing serious side effects of Avandia®/insulin treatment: blurry vision; chest pain ... May 20, 2012 ... avandia shoulder pain avandia side effect avandia side effects eye pain avandia generic discount avandia avandia lawyers south carolina ... People who are on diabetes treatment must know the avandia side effects. ... itching, hives, rush, difficulties breathing, swelling in the mouth, pain in the chest. 2. Problems with the vision: blurred vision or any other changes in the vision. 3. The side effects caused by the use of Avandia include: ... an Avandia lawsuit in order to get adequate compensation for your pain and suffering. .... Serious Avandia side effects include blurred vision and jaundice which can be severe at times. Unfortunately, the symptoms associated with Avandia side effects are quite varied ... Severe chest pain; Bruising; Breathing difficulty; Vision problems; Jaundice ...
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